Must-Have Wedding Accessories

Wedding accessories One Must Have

After a lot of hustle and bustle of the pandemic, everything is finally coming on track slowly and gradually. We may now have wedding gatherings of more than 200 people. Its’ time to again dance with all our energy and enthusiasm at weddings. We do not have a limitation of fifty people anymore. It’s time to drink, dance and drool in the ‘Big fat Indian weddings’ again! Weddings are incomplete without the perfect outfits and wedding accessories.

 It is the time to bring out the hidden fashionistas in us. Accessories can make or break our whole look. They are of paramount importance when it is about ‘Weddings’. So, why to compromise?  ‘Pin it up’ will have you served the best customized must have wedding accessories for you.  Be it customized badges for families, brooches, bracelets or lapel pins, ‘Pin it up’ is a one stop for all.  


1. Cufflinks for wedding

A groom without cufflinks? Groom’s brother without cufflinks? No, not possible! Cufflinks definitely add up to your outfit. They are a mandatory part of a wedding. So, why not opt for customized cufflinks from ‘Pin it up’. Get personalized cufflinks with your initials, and flaunt them at your wedding. You may get them in any colour, shape and design, let us know your taste and we’ll make them as per your choice. 

2. Button Badges for Families

The modern and quirky times call for some quirky and fun accessories for the wedding. Isn’t it important to be recognized by everyone that you are from which side? Groom’s side or Bride’s side? Or you are the Bride or the groom? Or groom’s sister or bride’s sister? “Pin it up’ has a marvelous solution of customized badges. Get your customized and personalized badges in any colour you want with any design of your preference. You can get it designed as unique as you want, as quirky as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours now, if you have a wedding at your place and add some quirk to your wedding.  


Heard of wedding lapel pins? Yes, we have something offbeat yet playful for you to have them at your wedding. Brides and grooms these days do not want a boring wedding. They want everything customized as per their choice. So, ‘Pin it up’ is here with a range of customized lapel pins. You may get them made in any design you want. We would suggest you don’t opt for simple ones. For instance, get a lapel pin made in a shape of a lipstick which says ‘Oh lala’. Sounds perfect, right? Edgy and funky at the same time.  We have a lot more amusing designs for you. What are you waiting for? Order yours now! 


Brooches are something that can never go out of trend. They are timeless. Our parents had them at their wedding and now we have them too. It’s just that the designs and style are evolving with the changing times. ‘Pin it up’ is here with a wide variety of customized brooches for the groom and men at the wedding. They can be customized in any design you want. We understand our client’s preference and proceed with the designing. But, brooches are a must and don’t miss out on them if you are getting a chance to get them customized. 


Bridesmaids’ hampers are a must! Thank your girls for being a part of your life and making your bachelorette life spectacular. Don’t be confused about what to give them in the hampers. Who doesn’t know about the gorgeous bracelets with charms? They are a nice accessory to be put in your bridesmaids hamper. Get them customized for your girls with their initials or their names. You may get them made on order from ‘Pin it up’ as per your preference. We also take bulk orders. This one is a flawless accessory which will definitely bring a smile your bridesmaids face. 

6.Customized LUGGAGE TAGS for wedding

Yes, destination weddings are in vogue nowadays. And for destination events, you have to carry a lot of luggage with you because ‘The big fat Indian’ weddings aren’t complete without the heavy lehengas and shervanis.

So, why not show off your suitcase with customized luggage tags this time? This obviously has the benefit of not losing your suitcase amongst the hundred more and this will also make your pretty suitcase look prettier. Get them customized in any color, design, and shape. Write your name, address, and whatever details you want and you are good to go. 

Don’t wait; contact us if you have a wedding at your place. We are available for our clients whenever they need us. We promise to provide you with the customized items as you desire them to be. 

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