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Custom MDF Technique Products

Let's turn your designs, artworks, and logos into beautiful Custom MDF Products.


  • 1st Step

    Send us in your requirement on our email address or fill the form.

  • 2nd Step

    We’ll contact you shortly to discuss the query and selection of the process that you’re looking for.

  • 3rd Step

    After the design is made, If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.

  • 4th Step

    As soon as the approval of the design and advance payment is made we’ll move forward with its production.

  • 5th Step

    Production and shipping of your final order will take approximately 8-10 working days to reach you, anywhere in India. For international orders, time varies according to your respective country.

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What is Custom MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) Technique?

‘Pin it up’ is a manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) products. MDF products are made by breaking the hard and softwood in fibers of the wood. It is an engineered wood product. It is combined with wax and then it is formed into panels with high temperature and pressure. It is denser than plywood. Afterward, we wait for the final product.

Types of Products we can make from MDF Technique

We, at ‘Pin it up’ manufacture and export a range of products made by different techniques. Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) is of the many techniques used to make products which include custom MDF pins, cufflinks, name badges, key chains, metal bookmarks, business cards, nameplates, charms, luggage tags, dog tags, fridge magnets, wooden wall décor, and wooden buttons.
Custom MDF Lapel Pins Manufacturer and maker from Delhi India

MDF Lapel Pins

Pins include the wedding lapel pins, animal lapel pins, and a lot more. You can get your customized MDF pins according to your preferences. These can be used in events, weddings, schools, colleges, NGOs, and companies. Hurry up! And grab your pins now.

Custom MDF Cufflinks manufacturer and maker

MDF Cufflinks

Just like buttons, these pieces of embellishments called cufflinks to come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They are usually considered more formal than buttons and give you a royal look. These ornaments add much more to your personality. ‘Pin it up’ is a manufacturer and exporter of customized Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) cufflinks. You can get your cufflinks customized as per your needs and desires. Through the medium of cufflinks, you can easily express and impress.

Custom MDF Name Badges Manufacturer exporter and maker. We provide MDF products in bulk and wholesale price

MDF Name Badges

Head chefs, air hostesses, and airport staff always have a name tag on their shirts so that you know their name. You can get the customized name tags and badges made from us. ‘Pin it up’ will provide you the best quality with intricate work. If you are a brand or a company, you can use these custom MDF name badges with your logo for yourself and your employees. By seeing your customized name logo badge, people will easily get to know that you are from which brand. And what could be better than getting recognized by your brand name. By using these custom MDF name tags/badges, people will remember your brand forever.

Custom MDF Keychains manufacturer maker and exporter from Delhi India

MDF Keychains

Who doesn’t love key chains? We all possess a good number of key chains. They are also used as gift items, when we are confused about what to gift; we buy a nice keychain or get it customized. Customized key chains always make the person feel special. ‘Pin it up’ is here with a tremendous range of customized MDF key chains.

Custom MDF Bookmarks Manufacturer Maker and exporter from Delhi India

MDF Bookmarks

The readers love to keep their bookmarks stylish and classy. This shows their love for reading. We, at ‘Pin It Up’ manufacture and export wholesale metal products and we are here with a wide range of bookmarks just for you. This includes personalized bookmarks, engraved bookmarks, and custom MDF bookmarks.

MDF Business Cards

‘Pin It Up’ as a manufacturer and exporter of customized MDF business cards. From custom metal business cards to business cards with logos, we have everything you ask for. Metal business cards enhance your brand image as it looks classy yet elegant. It looks more professional and you impress the person as soon as you handover your visiting card to them. We are one of the best business card makers around you.

MDF Nameplates

Be it, nameplates on the desk, jerseys, or houses. As manufacturers and exporters of customized nameplates, ‘Pin It Up’ offers you a wide range of options for its valuable clients. We make custom MDF nameplates with love and warmth. Our designs are unique and they stand out. We deal in nameplates for houses, jerseys, desks and we also take orders in bulk.

Custom MDF Charms Maker Manufacturer and Exporter from Delhi India

MDF Charms

Charms add uniqueness to your personality. They are never out of trend. Be it a school student, a college student, or a young adult, everyone love charms. A school student loves to hang it on his/her school bag, and a college student loves wearing a charm bracelet. They make you look magnificent and ‘charming’. So, what are you waiting for? Buy these custom MDF charms now from ‘Pin it up’.

MDF Luggage Tags

‘Pin it up’ is the manufacturer, exporter, and whole seller of customized luggage tags and we deal in leather luggage tags, plastic luggage tags, and magnetic luggage tags. Luggage tags can also be customized with your logo. A luggage tag usually has your name, address, contact number, E-mail, flight number, and photo of yourself. Except for your name, nothing is mandatory to write, it is optional. Customized luggage tags are easy to spot, unique, and durable. Grab your customized MDF luggage tags.

Custom MDF Dog Tags Manufacturer and Maker from Delhi India

MDF Dog Tags

Grab a stupendous customized MDF traditional bone-shaped dog tag from us or go with a nameplate or a heart-shaped tag in a variety of fun designs to showcase how much you love them. Create pet ID tags in a range of different colors, patterns, and beautiful designs. You can also get customized dog tags that match their accessories or toys. We, at ‘Pin it Up’ also take orders in bulk, being a manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of dog tags. We provide you with the best designs and then you can shortlist the one you love for your dog. You can also provide us with your designs and we will make them for you.

MDF Fridge Magnets

The bride gets customized baskets of unique things for her girls. Customized fridge magnets are perfect to fit in those baskets and it will surely make your bridesmaids feel special. MDF Customized fridge magnets can also be used as a part of a PR kit in events such as book launch events, or informal events where we need to address the media and gift them some stuff as a PR package. So, if you are finding a gift, don’t panic and get a customized MDF Fridge magnet!

MDF Custom Wooden Wall Decor Manufacturer who provides bulk orders and wholesale prices


Wooden wall décor gives you the feel of being in some other country. We all are moving towards wooden floors and wooden walls and it is the perfect time to get your custom MDF wall décor from us.

Custom Wooden Button Manufacturer maker and exporter

Wooden Buttons

You can use the customized wooden buttons on your shirts, dresses, blazers, or jackets. It’s high time that we have been using those regular buttons, so why not try something different and unique this season?


Custom MDF Products Manufacturer and maker

Delhi, being the capital of the country is a known place for manufacturers and exporters. We, at Pin It Up manufacture and export according to your needs and desires. You desire and we make it for you.

We are sitting at the center and we can provide you with the best custom MDF products, because of our experience in this industry and sitting here; we follow and we can let you know all the trends and the products in vogue. Hence, if you are still searching for MDF products makers near you, contact us now and get them made for you and your loved ones.

Our Processes

Our process includes some simple steps:-

  • Send us in your requirement on our email address or fill the form.
  • You’ll share a design with us through email, live chat, WhatsApp.
  • If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.
  • After your approval, we’ll start the production of the products you required.

Let's Curate Custom MDF Pins & other Products

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Q. Where you guys located at?

We're a Delhi, India based online unique gifts store, that provides bulk orders of products like custom MDF Pins & more.

Q. How can I place the enquiry for bulk order?

Ans. You can easily place your order through the contact form, e-mail, or call.

Q. Can I get a free Digital Copy of my custom MDF Pins' design?

Ans. If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.


Ans. We're an Indian online unique gift store that manufacturers custom metal products in Delhi, India. Our manufacturing unit is located in outskirts of Delhi.