Lapel Pins: Uses of Custom Pins

Lapel pins are small metal pins/badges worn on clothing, in the past few years they have been trending with different designs and have been styled in multiple ways. They can be worn on your clothes in order to quirk up your outfit or you could attach them to your bags/accessories.

Custom Lapel pins are personalized to your requirement and can be used for as a tool for advertising, display, achievement and as a fashion accessory.

Here are the top ways you can use Lapel Pins

Custom Pins for Companies

For companies looking for custom products or promotional gifts, a pin/badge with the company logo can be a great way to promote business/brand.

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Custom Pins for Events

Pins can be used as promotional products for a brand in conferences and events. You can get your brand logo printed and hand it out to the people participating. Pins can be given as a symbol of appreciation.

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Custom Pins for a Cause.

Custom Pins are widely used for a cause or to create awareness. Campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness use ribbon shaped pins, many companies create custom awareness ribbon pins with their logos in the middle, to show support and more importantly, to convey their company’s commitment to the cause.

Custom Pins for Weddings

Custom pins for weddings can add more fun to your special day. Pins like #bride, #groom are always trending and give a special feel. Wedding pins can also be with the name of the bride & groom or a common wedding hashtag.

Custom Pins for Hospitality Industries

Pins are widely used in the hospitality industry as well. They can be used to denote an authority status or job title of a person.

Custom Pins for Personal Use

Lapel Pins are also used by designers and stores for personal use or for reselling. So if you have a design that you think people might be interested in. Get your own custom pin! (Details for customisation are given below)

Types of Lapel Pins:

Lapel are of different types. So, you can choose whichever suits your style

  • Enamel Lapel Pins.
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Enamel Lapel Pins are made by the following process:

i.  Etching /engraving

ii.  Colouring

iii.  Plating

iv.  Butterfly clutch/magnet/broach is attached

  • Laser cut pins

Laser Cut Pins are made by the following process:

i.  Laser Cut using high powered laser beam

ii.  Plating

iii.  Butterfly clutch/magnet/broach is attached

  • Epoxy Lapel Pins

For Epoxy pins:

i. The Base layer is Metal followed by

ii. Mid layer done by Etching or Photo Print for a detailed print

iii. To give a smooth finish the top layer is made of Epoxy resin

  • Plastic Button Badges

Plastic Button Badges are made in the following process:

i.  Etching /engraving

ii.  Colouring

iii.  Plating

iv.  Butterfly clutch/magnet/broach is attached

Some common materials used to make badges include metal, plastic, leather, fabric and rubber. Badges are usually attached to clothing, bags or other accessories where the user deems them visible or ideal for placement.

Get Your Own Custom Pins

We at Pin It Up offer best quality custom Lapel pins at a suitable price for your design.

Formerly we have collaborated with 500+ clients such as Nicobar, Amazon Services, Sheraton, Bira, Only, McDonald’s, Indigo Airlines, also including numerous schools & organisations such as Delhi Public School Noida, Indraprastha, Boston Scientific and Indian Forest Department.

We aim to deliver the finest quality and prices for all our clients.

Please have a look at our website for more details: HERE

Process for customization of pins:

1. Send us your logo/design along with your color choices on our email address.

2. We will contact you shortly to discuss the query and selection of the process that you are looking for.

3. After the design is made we will email a digital layout of your desired design.

4. As soon as the approval of the design and advance payment is made we will move forward with its production. 5. Production and shipping of your final order will take approximately 8-10 working days to reach you.

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