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Custom Luggage Tags

Let's turn your designs, artworks, logos, and photos into beautiful Custom Luggage Tags.


  • 1st Step

    Send us in your requirement on our email address or fill the form.

  • 2nd Step

    We’ll contact you shortly to discuss the query and selection of the process that you’re looking for.

  • 3rd Step

    After the design is made, If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.

  • 4th Step

    As soon as the approval of the design and advance payment is made, we’ll move forward with its production.

  • 5th Step

    Production and shipping of your final order will take approximately 8-10 working days to reach you, anywhere in India. For international orders, time varies according to your respective country.

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What are Custom Luggage Tags?

It is said that ‘the world is like a book and those who do not travel, read only a few pages of the book’. Travelling is something that is not hated by anyone. Everyone loves to travel. Luggage is an important part of travelling. So, ‘Pin it up’ is here with an amazing collection of customized luggage tags especially for you.

Luggage tags are a form of identification for your suitcases or luggage. Whether you travel by boat, train, or plane, your bags are tagged accordingly. Luggage tags are used for three major reasons: Help a passenger identify their bag at the baggage carousel, prove a person wasn’t stealing someone else’s luggage and track missing baggage.

But nowadays, living in the 21st century, luggage tags are not only used to find your missing luggage but also because people like it as an added accessory to their luggage. Accessories have become really important today, be it about our clothing, house, office or luggage. We love to accessorize our things because it adds charm to the stuff as a whole.

Custom Luggage Tags

Initially, luggage tags were handwritten when people used to travel in steamboats in large numbers, but with the advent of technology, luggage tags were printed. Slowly and gradually, with development and evolution, now you have an option to get your luggage tag customized as per your need. Isn’t that exhilarating?

Pin it up’ is the manufacturer, exporter and the whole seller of customized luggage tags and we deal in leather luggage tags, plastic luggage tags and magnetic luggage tags. Luggage tags can also be customized with your logo. For instance, if you are going on a business tour with your colleagues, you can get your customized logo luggage tags made so that you easily know that this bag belongs to someone from your company. A luggage tag usually has your name, address, contact number, E-mail, flight number and photo of yourself. Except for your name, nothing is mandatory to write, it is optional.

Customized luggage tags are easy to spot, unique and durable. We, being the custom luggage tag maker have a range of luggage tags; let’s have a look on them.

Types of Custom Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are of various types which include leather luggage tags, plastic luggage tags, logo luggage tags and magnetic luggage tags. We customize all of these according to the preference of our client. You can get your luggage tag customized in any material out of the above four; in any colour with any design. You desire and we make it. 

Personalized luggage tags

Custom Leather Luggage Tags

Leather is something that reminds us of professionalism and being formal. So, a leather tag is definitely for officials and senior people. They define your personality. You can get your luggage tags made in bulk from us. Leather luggage tags can also be used as merchandise of your company. You can also gift these to your employees or to your clients in a formal get together.

Custom plastic Luggage tags in your own designs and needs.

Custom Plastic Luggage Tags

‘Pin it up’ is a whole seller of plastic luggage tags. Customized plastic luggage tags are very much in trend these days because the millennials and young generation like to grab these tags. They like being creative and play around with colors, which can be done with plastic tags.

custom luggage tags india

Custom Logo Luggage Tags

A logo is like a name; it makes you unique and works as an identity for a brand, company or a business. A customized logo luggage tag will help you differentiate you or your group from others. For instance, if your school is taking you on a trip, luggage tags with their logo will definitely help the teachers to figure out the students of their school.

Still, Searching for Custom Luggage Tags Maker near me?

Custom Luggage tags in metal, leather, MDF, & Plastic

Delhi, being the capital of the country is a known place for manufacturers and exporters. We, at Pin It Up manufacture and export according to your needs and desires. You desire and we make it for you. We are sitting at the centre and we can provide you with best because of our experience in this industry and sitting here; we follow and we can let you know all the trends and the products in vogue. Hence, if you are still looking for customized luggage tags near you, contact us now and get them made for you and your loved ones. Hurry! Grab yours now!

Our Processes

Our process includes some simple steps:-

  • Send us in your requirement on our email address or fill the form.
  • You’ll share a design with us through email, live chat, WhatsApp.
  • If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.
  • After your approval, we’ll start the production of the products you required.

Let's Curate Custom luggage tags

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Q. Where you guys located at?

We're a Delhi, India based online unique gifts store, that provides bulk orders of products like custom luggage tags & more.

Q. How can I place the enquiry for bulk order?

Ans. You can easily place your order through the contact form, e-mail, or call.

Q. Can I get a free Digital Copy of my custom metal luggage tags' design?

Ans. If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.

Q. Do you guys source custom metal products from China?

Ans. We're an Indian online unique gift store that manufacturers custom metal products in Delhi, India. Our manufacturing unit is located in outskirts of Delhi.