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Custom Bookmarks

Let's turn your designs, artworks, and Initials into beautiful Custom Metal Bookmarks.


  • 1st Step

    Send us in your requirement on our email address or fill the form.

  • 2nd Step

    We’ll contact you shortly to discuss the query and selection of the process that you’re looking for.

  • 3rd Step

    After the design is made, If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.

  • 4th Step

    As soon as the approval of the design and advance payment is made, we’ll move forward with its production.

  • 5th Step

    Production and shipping of your final order will take approximately 8-10 working days to reach you, anywhere in India. For international orders, time varies according to your respective country.

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What are Custom Bookmarks?

It is aptly said that ‘a room without books is like a body without a soul’. You got it right if you are a book lover. And if you fall in this category, you definitely know the importance of bookmarks. A bookmark is a narrow piece of paper or metal that you can put in between the pages so that you do not forget where to start from when you again take the book in your hands to read it. Books and bookmarks go hand in hand. They do not have any existence without each other.

Like fashion accessories are to fashion lovers so are the bookmarks to book lovers. The readers love to keep their bookmarks stylish and classy. This shows their love for reading.

We, at ‘Pin It Up’ manufacture and export wholesale metal products and we are here with a wide range of bookmarks just for you. This includes personalized bookmarks, engraved bookmarks, and custom metal bookmarks.

Bookmarks can also be used to gift your loved ones. You know that your best friend loves reading and it’s her birthday so what could be better than some custom made or personalized bookmarks?

Not just gifts, they can also be considered as one of your merchandised products. Artistic, crafty, inspiring, and beautiful bookmark designs are a valuable advertising source for your brand or company. Additionally, custom made bookmarks are wonderful complimentary gifts and give away for your business associates, employees, and customers.

Customized Metal Bookmarks

If you are an author and you want to do a giveaway on your Instagram page, a custom made bookmark with your name and the name of your book in the corner with an inspiring quote in the center would be the best giveaway for your followers.

Bookmarks are like diamonds to you, if you are a bookseller. Promote your brand or company by giving a bookmark with every book you sell. You will not only impress your customers but also promote your brand in a very intelligent and unique way.

Custom printed bookmarks are an economical, modest yet simple product to share a particular message. It can be a more effective form of branding as it is a very useful item for bibliophiles or scholars who are in love with books. The casual readers also like and appreciate it and whenever they open their book your brand name and message will be seen each time with custom bookmarks.

Bookmark is the only product that will be considered intellectual, classy yet elegant at the same time.
It can also be used as attractive party invitations, flyers, sale coupons, and much more.

Types of Custom Bookmarks

custom metal engraved bookmarks in your own designs and needs

Custom Engraved Metal Bookmarks

Paper bookmarks are something we all know about. But it is hard to find a manufacturer or exporter who manufacturers’ custom made engraved metal bookmarks. Metal bookmarks are something more valuable to you; they will stay with you forever unlike a paper bookmark. You can get your name; dates of birth, the name of your loved ones engraved on the bookmark and use it for yourself or gift it to someone special. These can also be used for promotion as we also deal in promotional metal bookmarks. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now from ‘Pin It Up’ and give a token of love to your loved ones.

Printed Custom Bookmarks

Custom Photo-Printed Metal Bookmarks

Seeing your photo on a product! Who doesn’t love that? Everyone loves to see a customized product with their picture on it. Customized products are the best gifting and best promotional items. Get the logo of the company or brand printed on the bookmark and it is ready to be used as merchandise. We as manufacturers of photo bookmarks know that people remember you when you give something like this to them with a picture on it, be it the logo of your company or a photo or it. It is rightly said that visuals capture the eyes more than the content. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now from ‘Pin It Up’ and give a token of love to your loved ones.

Still, Searching for Custom Metal Bookmarks Maker near me?

Customized Metal Bookmarks

Delhi, being the capital of the country is a known place for manufacturers and exporters. We, at Pin It Up manufacture and export according to your needs and desires. You desire and we make it for you.

We are sitting at the center and we can provide you with the best custom metal bookmarks, because of our experience in this industry and sitting here; we follow and we can let you know all the trends and the products in vogue. Hence, if you are still searching for bookmark makers near you, contact us now and get them made for you and your loved ones.

Our Processes

Our process includes some simple steps:-

  • Send us in your requirement on our email address or fill the form.
  • You’ll share a design with us through email, live chat, WhatsApp.
  • If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.
  • After your approval, we’ll start the production of the products you required.

Let's Curate Custom Bookmarks

Get the best quality Custom Metal Bookmarks.


Q. Where you guys located at?

We're a Delhi, India based online unique gifts store, that provides bulk orders of products like custom cufflinks & more.

Q. How can I place the enquiry for bulk order?

Ans. You can easily place your order through the contact form, e-mail, or call.

Q. Can I get a free Digital Copy of my custom metal bookmarks' design?

Ans. If needed we’ll provide you the sample first but with a small fee which will be adjusted in the final payment.

Q. Do you guys source custom metal products from China?

Ans. We're an Indian online unique gift store that manufacturers custom metal products in Delhi, India. Our manufacturing unit is located in outskirts of Delhi.